Why choose Ezy-Lift Dumbwaiter system

Take the load off your shoulders by installing an Ezy-Lift Dumbwaiter system in your new or existing home.

The Ezy-Lift Dumbwaiter system allows you to load the 50kg capacity carriage with all your groceries, luggage and bulky items and at the press of a button have them meet you at the top of the stairs ready for unloading. No multiple trips to the Garage, no aching shoulders, no huffing and puffing.

The fully featured Ezy-Lift Dumbwaiter system allows for complete flexibility of carriage size, entry/exist points and shelving as can be seen in our dumbwaiter demonstration movie on our website or you can request the full length DVD version (5minutes) be posted to you. The DVD also explains the ease of D.I.Y. installation of our Ezy-Lift Dumbwaiter kit.

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