Dumbwaiters Case Studies

Commercial Dumbwaiter installation Victoria:

In conjunction with a complete renovation and kitchen refit of a very busy restaurant the Architect called for a 50kg 2 stage Dumbwaiter system that could be fitted with roll in/roll out plate racks for delivery between the ground floor kitchen and the upstairs dining area. The Dumbwaiter needed to be smooth and efficient in operation with a high degree of reliability. The other critical factor was that as the whole renovation process had to be carried out in a very tight time frame the Commercial Dumbwaiter system had to be manufactured and installed to meet strict time targets. This was achieved using the Ezy-Lift Dumbwaiter system with fully open front access and laminate roller door and a mobile plate stacking system.

Installation into Architects own new home:

During construction of his multimillion dollar residence in Melbourne, an Ezy-Lift Dumbwaiter system was specified to allow seamless delivery of meals between kitchen and upstairs entertaining area and dining room during functions and business meetings.

Delivery of stock between upstairs store rooms and retail area:

A busy retail outlet required a Dumbwaiter that could deliver a simple no nonsense solution to delivering stock between floors. The Ezy-Lift Dumbwaiter system was the obvious choice due to it’s safety features to protect their staff, high duty cycle motor unit and strong powder coated steel construction of the carriage.

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