• Dumbwaiters for homes in Australia
  •  Reduce manual effort via Dumbwaiter Systems
  • Residential Dumbwaiters for domestic service
  • Residential dumbwaiters for lifting groceries and goods
  • Reduce effort climbing stairs by installing dumbwaiters to lift
  • Dumbwaiters for modern decor
  • Groceries & goods transported easily via residential dumbwaiter
  • Easy to install and use domestic Dumbwaiters
  • Bags of groceries lift easy with dumbwaiters

Dumbwaiter Flexibility of design

The Ezy-Lift Dumbwaiter system is simple and flexible in design, allowing the basic Dumbwaiter system to be adapted to many applications and situations. Should you have an existing shaft in your home of a non standard size or require large/smaller carriage size, or even additional shelving or racking within the carriage, it is a simple process to manufacture a carriage to suit your application while still using the same motor unit, wiring and safety features. This allows the Ezy-Lift Dumbwaiter system to remain the most cost effective system available.

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Take the load off your shoulders by installing an Ezy-Lift Dumbwaiter system in your new or existing home. The Ezy-Lift Dumbwaiter system allows you to load the 50kg capacity carriage with all your groceries, luggage and bulky items and at the press of a button have them meet you at the top of the stairs ready for unloading. No multiple trips to the Garage,


The Ezy-Lift Dumbwaiter system is the simplest, most uncomplicated installation system available. It allows your site carpenter and electrician to complete the installation during the normal construction of your home in less than half a day. All wiring is finished with switches/controls already attached and an identification tag tells you what it is and


In conjunction with a complete renovation and kitchen refit of a very busy restaurant the Architect called for a 50kg 2 stage Dumbwaiter system that could be fitted with roll in/roll out plate racks for delivery between the ground floor kitchen and the upstairs dining area. The Dumbwaiter needed to be smooth and efficient in operation with a high degree of reliability.


What our clients say about us

  • The ability to choose a prewired Dumbwaiter D.I.Y. kit and having our site trades people complete the dumbwaiter installation while still having a fully featured unit with no compromise on any of the safety features creates significant cost savings to us, when compared to other available Dumbwaiter systems

Who Is Ezy-Lift Automations

Ezy-Lift offers quality dumbwaiter systems for all applications Australia wide.

Our fully prewired dumbwaiter kit system allows easy installation by your site carpenter and electrician or Ezy-Lift can carry out the dumbwaiter installation for you.

Our affordably priced fully featured dumbwaiter systems include 240v plug in motor (15amp), 50kg/90kg capacity, industrial quality, high duty cycle motor unit, 16 bearing trolley wheels to carriage and quality powder coated finish.

The dumbwaiter carriage entry/exit points can be varied to suit your requirements. Two, three or more stop positions are available for the dumbwaiter.

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