Ezy-Lift Dumbwaiter Description

Residential & Commercial Dumbwaiters Service Lift

Domestic Dumbwaiter / Grocery Lift

  • DIY dumbwaiter kits for homes
  • Dumbwaiters that compliment modern interior designs
  • Do it Yourself dumbwaiters for homes
  • Kitchen dumbwaiter used to lift groceries

Ezy-Lift Automations have been producing their quality 50kg, 240v residential Dumbwaiter system for over 15 years.

Our customers report that the ease of Dumbwaiter D.I.Y. installation via their local Carpenter and Electrician, and the Dumbwaiter features and function of the unit make the
Ezy-Lift Dumbwaiter system a very easy choice when planning a new Home project or renovation anywhere in Australia.

Our fully prewired motorization Dumbwaiter lift unit comes with all fittings and controls ‘tagged’ for simple identification and referencing back to the full colour instruction manual. The galvanized steel Dumbwaiter carriage is powder coated inside and out and can be colour matched to your requirement (gloss white standard).

In standard form the Dumbwaiter carriage has an open upper section, and your Groceries/goods are lowered into the bottom Dumbwaiter ‘Bin’ section of the carriage.
Other clients prefer the versatility of a fully open fronted Dumbwaiter unit complete with Laminate Roller Door. This allows the flexibility of carrying suit cases and other larger items.

The whole packaged Dumbwaiter unit when ready for shipping/transport any where in Australia fits easily onto a standard pallet and stands approximately 900mm high.
Total weight is approximately 80kg depending on model and features.

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